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Spring Cleaning



Hello lovelies, happy spring! Warmer weather, blooming flowers, bike rides & frolicking/picnicking/sprawling on lawns are all in sight and this makes me a very happy girl. It is such an uplifting feeling when spring comes back around offering all of its rejuvenating, positive energy.

The theme for my meditation today was creating balance and the mantra was: my outer world reflects my inner world. As our outer world makes a transition, it feels right to make one on the inside as well. Just as we would look to our home for some spring cleaning, now is a perfect time to look to our most sacred homes- our bodies- for some cleaning as well. Staying in rhythm with nature as best we can is a wonderful way to create balance in our lives.

A great way to clean out winter and make room for spring is a juice cleanse. I was recently told that the two things that take up the most energy in our bodies are thinking and digesting. A juice cleanse, where you drink only vegetable and fruit juices, allows our bodies to focus less on digesting and more on cleansing. Meditation is a great practice to pair with a juice cleanse because it means less thinking! Time to not only clear the body of toxins but clear that busy mind.

To be completely honest, I have never done a full juice cleanse. What I have done is replaced breakfast and dinner with juice and kept lunch on the lighter side [grains, steamed veggies, sweet potatoes.] Even replacing just dinner with juice provides great benefits for the body. Plus, if you are new to cleansing, it is the easiest meal to replace since the body’s digestive fire is low and you are engaging in less activity at night.


Juicing with a juicer instead of a blender is very important. A juicer extracts fiber, which is important during a juice cleanse (but try not to throw the pulp away, you can use it in baked goods or as compost). You want to eliminate fiber from your diet so your body does not use up energy digesting it. The point of a juice cleanse is to give your digestive system a break from all that hard work it does!

Here are some juice combos that I especially love but feel free to play around with your veggies and fruits and see what new and colorful combos you come up with.

Helpful tip: it is important to incorporate some kind of sweet component into your juice so it doesn’t taste so “green”. Apples and oranges are perfect picks but if you are on a strictly veggie juice cleanse, I find beets and carrots to be wonderful sweeteners.

Juice combos:




pineapple-lemon-ginger-mint (you can use a blender for this one)



Goodbye winter, hellooooo spring!



[Photos: homemade beet-carrot-ginger juice//green juice from fortheloveoffood]

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